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Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Humanitarian Response

How to use this chapter

This chapter is divided into two main sections:

Shelter and settlement

Non-food items: clothing, bedding and household items

Both sections provide general standards for use in any of several response scenarios for displaced and non-displaced populations, including temporary or transitional individual household shelter on original sites, or the return to repaired dwellings; temporary accommodation with host families; and/or temporary communal settlement comprising planned or self-settled camps, collective centres, transit or return centres.

The Protection Principles and Core Standards must be used consistently with this chapter.

Although primarily intended to inform humanitarian response to a disaster, the minimum standards may also be considered during disaster preparedness and the transition to recovery and reconstruction activities.

Each section contains the following:

If required key actions and indicators cannot be met,the resulting adverse implications on the affected population should be appraised and appropriate mitigating actions taken.

A needs assessment checklist is provided to inform the application of the standards in both defining and monitoring response activities.,and a list of references and further reading, including a selection of practical ‘how to’ guidance resources, is also included.