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Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Humanitarian Response

Appendix 5


Minimum hygiene, sanitation and isolation activities
for cholera treatment centres (CTCs)
Essential principles that all health facilities and CTCs must follow:
  1. Isolate severe cases
  2. Contain all excreta (faeces and vomit)
  3. Have only one carer per patient
  4. Wash hands with chlorinated water
  5. All floors must be washable
  6. Disinfect feet when leaving the centre
  7. Disinfect clothes of infected people before leaving the centre (by boiling or disinfection)
  8. Provide regular cleaning of floors and all areas of the centre
  9. Provide separate toilets and bathing areas for patients and carers
  10. Prepare food in the centre. If brought from outside, food should be transferred from container at the gate to prevent the container taking choleracausing micro-organisms (vibrio) out of the centre after use
  11. Follow up on the families and relatives of the patient, ensure there are no other cases. Disinfect the house and give hygiene information
  12. If people arrive by public transport, disinfect the vehicles
  13. Contain and treat run-off from rain and wastewater within the isolation camp area
  14. Treat waste within the isolation camp area.

Chlorine solutions for CTCs